Monday, June 5, 2017

yoo everyone I'm back!! hope you're reading this and liking it, even though I'm not so sure about that one, anyway here's my review for my latest read . Enjoy!


Review : Everything Everything - Nicola Yoon -

" I'm allergic to the world , I don't leave my house , haven't in seventeen years ... I am certainly going to fall in love with Olly and it's going to be a disaster "

finally getting a heavenly perfect book ( but i don't have the physical book uggghhh)

As expected I'm in love with this book , it's just perfect in all sense of the world , Nicola yoon has such a fluid hand that keeps you hooked even in the late times of night , i devoured this book in one day and was completely blown away .

the book follows Madeline an 18 years old girl diagnosed with SCID which means she's basically allergic to the outside world , it's been 18 years since she left home where she lives with her mom and her nurse plus secret keeper Carla , everything was normal yet boring until that day where they got new neighbors .

 and then the adventure begins , she starts slightly by falling for the boy next door named Olly and ....

I'm not burning you the joy of reading this book so check it out ! 

I'm surely giving this book four and a half star and I'm keeping with Nicola's " the sun is also a star" 

(to everyone reading this, goooooo read the book and then give me your feedback on my review, deal!?)

                                                                                                                       - Soundous -

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